Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baggout Contest- Aloknath goes shopping

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When Aloknathji decided to shop online, he was completely clueless as he didn't know how to go about it. Not that he didn't know how to operate a computer; but it was just that he was not sure whether the computer was sanskari or not.

So, the first thing he did was to order a sanskari computer through After the computer was delivered to him, he put a kalasa full of rice in front of it and then knocked it over. The rice fell, the family clapped.
He then proceeded to turn the computer on and the computer opened to the tunes of Dharmic chants. The screen flashed-

1. To listen to artis, click here.
2. To sing and record bhajans, click here.
3. To perform instant kanyadan, click here.
4. To delete all non-sanskari data, click here.
5. To shop for sanskari stuff on, click here.

Aloknathji, impressed with technology, touched the laptop's feet and clicked on the fifth option. The shopping website opened with flashy, eye-catching banner popping up. It read "Hot new aarti venues are available in your area. For keertan, click here", after registering for the keertan by giving his bank account details, Aloknathji proceeded to the shopping website. The site was trustworthy, after all, it was sanskari. 

Through the site, Babuji browsed through flipkart, and other such cool shopping websites. He ordered for himself a set of sanskari books laced with lots of bhakti and aradhna. Due to the cool vouchers and cashback deals available on the site, he got a discount which he donated to poor people. He also bought a shawl for himself which he wanted to wear in front of his samdhi and samdhan ji. The older light grey shawl was getting boring, so he opted for a new slightly more light grey one. With the cashback he received from the transaction, he funded the kanyadan of a few brides. 

All this while he also performed e-Kanyadan through his special sanskari Skype software and blessed all the newlyweds and wished them a happy married life. Suddenly the clock struck 8 and Babuji realized that it was way past his bedtime. He listened to his favourite bhajans, performed Satyanarayana katha as usual and then went to sleep. The next day, as he woke up at 5, the sanskari laptop touched his feet and then both of them went on morning walk. 

As he returned from the morning walk and got ready to take bath, his items arrived one by one through pushpak viman. He checked his watch to ascertain that the items were delivered on correct muhoort. As he received the items, he also applied tilak on the boxes and performed their aarti to ward off any evil spirits.

In the pious atmosphere, the packages were opened with the correct muhoorta arrived by the eldest son Mohnish Behl. As the rest of the family clapped. A brief song and dance program followed where every member of the family from maternal uncle of the daughter in law's brother in law to their pet dog performed on pre-rehearsed songs. 
Thus Aloknathji's sanskari shopping experience concluded.

This entry was a part of the baggout contest. 


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