Friday, February 27, 2015

Quickr Nxt- Selling a car!

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Prompt- If you were to replace your existing car with something better, how would do so usingQuikr NXT

Selling and buying second hand stuff, especially vehicles is a big hassle. Thankfully, the second hand car market is now evolving. From the dubious agent who would sell you dingy matchbox of a car at an atrocious rate, we now have services like Quickr where you can have a record of the whole deal for your reference.

Online second hand marketplaces have changed the arena for good. Now, you do not need to worry about people backtracking on their promises or trying to dupe you. Of course, much like in the real market, you need to have a keen mind to strike a good deal. 

If I wanted to replace my existing car which is a Tata Nano with something better like, say, a WagonR, how would I go about it? 

Thanks to Quickr, I no longer need to go to the shady area of the city where lots of used cars are parked haphazardly and wait for the dealer to finish his extended lunch and pay heed to my demands. I would just get my car serviced and cleaned. A waxing session can be arranged to put on that extra sheen. After that, I would take photos of my car from different angles, inside out. 

Also, I will get all my papers like registration, insurance and PUC ready. I will also prepare their soft copies so that they can be mailed to the potential buyers. After that, I will calculate my car's MSP (Maximum Selling Price) using the online tool. Once I am ready, I will post an add. The amount quoted will have a margin for the potential buyer to bargain. The good ol' trick of quoting 99 thousand instead of 1 lakh shall also be put to use.

Once the ad is up and running, I will chat with potential buyers without compromising with my privacy using the QuickrNxt Chat feature. My number shall remain private and the car will be sold to the person who offers me the best deal.

The profit margin for me will be higher here because there will be no high brokerage to pay. 

Now coming to the buying part, I will search for my desired vehicle in the search box on the quickr site. Now I will look for the desirable traits in the search results like-

By individual Vs By dealer
First owner Vs Second/ Third

Once I meet the owner at a location convenient to both of us, I will look for completeness of all papers and also the condition of the car. I might also let a trusted mechanic of mine check the condition of the car. If the owner insists against any of the examination procedure, I can easily abort the deal. 

Without much hassle, I would finally upgrade my car which wouldn't be possible without Quickr!

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